Satellite 6 - Proxy/Vertically Tiered Topology

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We are trying to identify the best topology for Satellite/Capsules.

Our context is that We have several locations, let's call them LosAngeles, NewYork, London, Paris, Mumbai, Beijing, etc

Some location have different Environments. The requirement is that 'Prod' environment should not be connected to internet. So, we cannot use only one Satellite Server. We cannot use only capsules in production, because Dev, and Prod should be administered from the same server.

So, I was looking into a Satellite 6 topology similar to this:
Satellite 5 - topologies multiservers

  • Does Satellite 6 supports a Satellite-Proxy?
  • Can a Satellite Server connect (like Capsules do) to another Satellite Server?
    • How will subscriptions work in this scenario?
    • How can a content be promoted to different Environments, but only the Prod environment to be on a separate Satellite?
  • All topologies presented (in User Guide ) consider having a single Satellite Server and multiple Capsules. Are Vertically Tiered Topologies even considered?

Thank you for any comments!


You may want to first have a discussion with your rep about whether or not satellite 6 fits the use case for your environment; you may be better off with sticking to satellite 5 for now.

Thank you @Stephan for your comment.

To address some of your questions:

1) Satellite Proxy does not work with Satellite 6. Capsules are meant to replace them
2) In Satellite 6.1, you should see full isolation where all communication to a host will go through the capsule. This may help your prod case.

1) "Satellite Proxy does not work with Satellite 6" is a statement clearly understood.
2) "full isolation" Looking forward to see it.
3) Full Isolation is not enough. Isolated environments implies that also teams working in that environment cannot access (in any ways/by any means) the Satellite server that has access to internet. So how to provision/configure machines? How to kicstart it? A Satellite must be available also in these isolated environments. Think of either the Capsules are fully Satellites or a "Chained toplogy" must be set in place.

Also, an idea is for Capsules (and/or Chained Satellite) should pull only data from Satellite. Main Satellite should not be allowed to push (create new connection).