rsync CIFS mount to glusterfs

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I need to synchronize a CIFS mounting or mounting on GlusterFS with ACL.

My main problem is that I can not delete the target directory, directories or files that do not exist in the source path.

The source directory, this mounted CIFS:

//nas1b/sistemas/web/logs   /mnt/temporal   cifs    file_mode=02767,dir_mode=0777,credentials=/etc/samba/credentials    0 0

The target directory is mounted on GlusterFS and we want to keep ACL permissions:

rhs01:/waslogarchive              /mma/archivadores     glusterfs       backup-volfile-servers=rhs02,acl,_netdev   0 0

I tried different combinations of sync, but prevent me change the permissions on the destination folder.

# rsync -avz --no-owner --no-perms --progress --stats --delete * /mma/archivadores

When running the rsync command, I kept in the destination folder directories that do not exist in the source folder.

Excuse my English, I do not speak well. I hope you can help me. Thank You.


Fixed, I dropped a level and you manage to eliminate the root directory without specifying the wildcard (*).

# rsync -avz --no-owner --no-perms --progress --stats --delete temporal/ /mma/archivadores/