Cannot find latest RHEL 6.5 kernel update (.46.2)

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I received the notification for RHSA-2015:0062-01 concerning RHEL 6.5 kernel update, but I cannot download via yum, or reposync, nor find it under package downloads.

Was it pulled back for some reason?

Looking for kernel-2.6.32-431.46.2.el6.x86_64.rpm



Hi Chris,

Maybe Red Hat support can find that rpm that is cited in RHSA-2015:0062; I could not find it either.

I went to the Red Hat RPM search, and also could not find the specific kernel you spoke of. I also saw where RHSA-2015:0062 cited the kernel version you are looking for:

x86_64: md5/sha-256
kernel-2.6.32-431.46.2.el6.x86_64.rpm MD5: c74f860fbaaf0effa169c1c4dbd1e49e
SHA-256: ecd0e194bd60a470ebd4f47a6258c9e3b6e2c14a58715a69d6c2c8db5f7b7caf

  • I could not find the rpm version cited above...

However, if you still wanted to mitigate the issue, here's some of the existing kernels that are available. Click here for the list of kernel rpms

Name Channel
kernel-2.6.32-504.3.3.el6.x86_64 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (v. 6 for 64-bit x86_64)
kernel-2.6.32-504.1.3.el6.x86_64 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (v. 6 for 64-bit x86_64)
kernel-2.6.32-504.el6.x86_64 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (v. 6 for 64-bit x86_64)
kernel-2.6.32-431.29.2.el6.x86_64 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (v. 6 for 64-bit x86_64)
kernel-2.6.32-431.23.3.el6.x86_64 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (v. 6 for 64-bit x86_64)
kernel-2.6.32-431.20.5.el6.x86_64 Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (v. 6 for 64-bit x86_64)

Thanks for the reply. I did open a case with RH to see what's up with the missing RHEL 6.5 kernel, but I've not heard back yet. Unfortunately I'm having to stay with RHEL 6.5 due to VMware Workstation 10 and it's issues with RHEL 6.6 kernel. Now I did get VMW 10 working on RHEL 6.6, but I don't feel it's worth my time to recompile the vmware modules for each workstation and each time the kernel gets patched. I also did test VMware Workstation 11 with RHEL 6.6 and it works great, BUT, I'm waiting on my perm. license for VMW version 11. And lately I have security guys breathing down my neck about every CVE that gets announced and how the sky falling every time they smell a vulnerability. A catch-22 we (admins) find ourselves in these days. I'll let you know what I find out about the kernel from RH support. Thanks again.

Wish you luck with this Chris, any chance you could use Oracle Virtualbox instead? I suspect it will take RHEL 6.6, however, Oracle Virtualbox may or may not be approved for your scenario...

See on the errata page the how it lists:

Affected Products:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server AUS (v. 6.5)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server EUS (v. 6.5.z)

This means you'll need an Extended Update Support subscription to access this package. The kernel-2.6.32-431.46.2.el6 package is only in the EUS channel, not the main server channel.

EUS is a paid service, intended to provide a slightly longer life (2 years) of minor releases.

As of several months ago, all Premium subscriptions come with EUS. If you have Self-Support or Standard support, you'll need to buy EUS separately. If you already have an older Premium without EUS, have a chat to sales and see what they can do for you.

Thanks Jamie. This is the first time I've come across any AUS and needed it. I'm a premium customer too, so it sounds hopeful. I'll check it out tomorrow.

VirtualBox could be used, but that's just another time-consuming change. I think the real near-term answer might/should be use KVM. Which I must make time to check more into. Might save some frustration without adding to the long-term work-load.

Thanks all! Good support here at the communities.

VMWare Workstation 10.0.5 was released today (27 Jan 15) and the release notes indicate they fixed the RHEL 6.6 kernel module issue. Will test shortly. I should have waited two more days. Hee hee.

Chris, another thought, any chance you could use VMware esxi? you'd need to dedicate a different system with sufficient storage and (ugh) have a windows system where you could have access to the web gui and run vcenter. Might come in handy if you face the same issue with the future edition of RHEL 6.7 running some edition of VMware workstation.

That's not a bad idea. We're already a big ESX 5.5 shop with RHEL on top of that, running on Cisco UCS frames. I guess we've not had time enough to think too much about that. It's usually about the servers. Heck, we'll being using RHEL 7 soon enough since RHEL 6 has a heck of a time using sec=ntlmv2 or higher with CIFS mounts and Win2k8R2. So when we move our workstations to RHEL 7 it would be a good time to pull the plug on some of the old ways.

Security implementations have taken most of our time in the past couple years. We've recently turned off our last Solaris servers this past year, to now we're a RHEL and Windoze only shop. Given us more time to hone our Linux skills. :-)

My tangent for the day. LOL