Bridged mode conection to the DSL modem

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Hello all,

I m very new to Linux.... I having a problem solving a network issue....
I have connected a DSL modem to Eth0 of the RHEL 6.4 system.... The DSL modem is configured to work in BRidged mode....
I assigned the WAN IP address to the eth0 XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX and subnet mask and gatway...
The problem is connection drops frequently ..... If i ping my ISP gateway it works for few minutes and after there is no response ....
Can you please help me out guys .....

Karthik P


There are some grammar mistakes ... please forgive me for that ....

Hi Karthik,

Does your ISP provide you a static IP address? If not, I suspect that the machine you have connected should get a DHCP reservation from the ISP instead of manually assigning a public IP.

Also, (and this is speculation) are there other machines on your network aside from the one connected to the modem? If yes, have you properly insulated the red (WAN) interface from the rest of the traffic on your green (internal) network?

Best regards,

My ISP has provided be a Static ip address and gateway...
I m able to ping the gateway for few minutes and then the connetion drops ... Ping results in 30 % to 40 % loss if i continue the ping for some longer time....

There are no other PCs connected to the modem
I want to know is there something i m missing to configure to make it work properly.... I have turned off hte firewall ...

Hi Mark,

Additional information about the problem. I m trying to run openvpn service. So there is two interfaces in the server.

Karthik P

Hi Karthik,

No need to excuse yourself for language errors.

A question about your analysis, did you contact your ISP? Do they have a network issue?

Most of the time when I experience internet issues, my ISP is "upgrading" its network components.

If you suspect your Red Hat Enterprise Linux installation, I advise you to create a support case. This case done via too.
once the case number is available, run sosreport -vvvv from the command prompt and upload the tar.gz file and the md5sum file to the support case.

Kind regards,

Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Thanks for the advice. I checked with ISP and there is no network issue.
Actually i m trying to run openvpn server to connect clients .The problem is connection is very intermittent the client VPN conection drops frequently . The mistake i did was installing openvpn without checking DSL connectivity .

I have no clue how to troubleshoot this file. Please let me know if you need anymore details of the problem

Thanks and regards,
Karthik P

It has been quite a few years since I last used DSL, but I seem to remember the DSL modem or DSL router having settable timeouts. Perhaps it is dropping the connection after some time limit.


Thanks I will check for that.

Karthik P