Versions upgrade for Red Hat 6 and 5

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Could you please provide us with information on whether the lastest versions of services such as httpd, php and mysql can be installed on Red Hat 5?
At first we thought it was the OS version that limited the upgrade to the latest versions, but then the same thing happened with Red Hat 6..

We tried to install httpd 2.4 using this guide , but it got installed in /opt/rh/httpd24/root/etc instead of /etc and now we are unable to add the ssl module, as we are rather accustomed to the old version of apache.

So the question is, could you provide us with a foolproof guaranteed guide to install a LAMP server with the latest stable versions?

Thank you.


The method you have used (Red Hat Software Collections) for installing the newer release is the correct approach for a supported configuration. The installation path is due to the fact that Software Collections are designed not to interfere with existing RHEL packages.

Rather than looking at alternative installation methods, can you detail exactly what the issue was when configuring SSL?

I got it working while I was waiting for your answer. Thank you.
But we are still struggling with the php module, the index.php page displays the php code so there must be a way to link httpd2.4 with php56w that we have installed ... right?

We are also exploring a way to just update to the latest release of httpd 2.2.x , but it seems like the 2.2.29 is not in the repo. Is it a delay problem? we already ran yum clean and repolist... but it seems that's not the problem because in the rhn client portal it says all packages are up to date when they are not ...

Thank you