Config Bridge RHEV 3.4

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Hello Guys

I have the following environment

4 host RHEV 3.4
1 Host RHEV-M 6.5
1 Storage EQL

I have a bonding with 2 NIC for rhvm network in a vlan 100. Through this network 5 virtual machines running without problems.

More VLANs are created to create networks of other services in new VM, but when I assign the new networks in the existing network (rhvm network) is not possible.

The message is:

Cannot have a non-VLAN VM network and VLAN-tagged networks on one interface.

In the cisco switch the portchannel have all vlan in trunk mode. I can assign new networks to the existing configuration?

Thanks for your help.




Hi, I have the same issue, any idea ? Well i tried to configure two ethernet card member of bond0 (failover mode) and create a default rhevm bridge with the IP of the host before deploy a self hosted engine. I can't figure out why brigde on eth working and bride to bond to eth can't be use. If a network problem occurs on a switch, I can't manage my system with rhev-m ?