Issues with Software Collections on RHEL 6

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I'm sure I'm just missing a step or three, but I'm unable to see any packages in the software collection repo and actually I don't think I'm seeing the correct repo. My SC is still labeled with the word -beta- in the title. That seems odd.

I've attempted to re-run system registration and updates, but nothing seems to change. I can pull my premium repos like rhel-6-server-rpms or rhel-6-server-optional-rpms, but not the software collect.

This is what I see when listing all repos. I see no packages in the beta version.

yum repolist all
rhel-server-rhscl-6-beta-debug-rpms Red Hat Software Collections Beta Debug RPMs for Red disabled
rhel-server-rhscl-6-beta-rpms Red Hat Software Collections Beta RPMs for Red Hat E enabled: 0
rhel-server-rhscl-6-beta-source-rpms Red Hat Software Collections Beta Source RPMs for Re disabled

How to I obtain the updates repo list?

I'm still new to the RH subscription tools.

I've re-subscribed using the suscription-manager tool but nothing seems to change.



Hi Chris,

You may need to attach a subscription that actually includes the right repo. Have you tried to follow the steps outlined in the Getting Access to Red Hat Software Collections chapter of the RHSCL Release Notes? It explains how to attach subscriptions and enable repos (both for the Subscription Manager and RHN Classic).

Thanks Robert for the quick reply. I checked that document and even re-ran all my subscription-manager commands, this time not using the GUI, only CLI. Basically I get the same result, I see no packages in "rhel-server-rhscl-6-beta-rpms"

I did open a case for this. I'm standing up a clean RHEL 6.6 server to doublecheck my findings. I'm sure it's just me.

The software collection isn't a separate subscription now is it? It say's I'm entitle to the SC with my premium server contract.

I even enabled the rhscl for source and it too says no packages available:

rhel-server-rhscl-6-beta-source-rpms Red Hat Software Collections Beta Source RPMs for Red Hat enabled: 0

I'll post back here if there's a bug or there's something I failed to do.

Well, the part about there being no packages in the beta repo is correct -- there really are no packages in that repo right now because the stable version (1.2) is released, and the next beta version has not yet been made available. However, it is strange that you cannot see the regular (non-beta) repo (i.e. rhel-server-rhscl-6-rpms).

As for the subscriptions, you're right, there's no separate subscription for RHSCL. However, just to be sure, you can check the following page which lists the various subscription levels that have access to RHSCL. It just may be that you're going to need to initiate a special request (see instructions on the linked page) to be granted access. How to access and download Red Hat Software Collections (RHSCL) and/or Red Hat Developer Toolset (DTS)?

Robert, thanks again. RH Support also pointed me to that document, "How to access and download...". It worked perfectly. Now with my currently contract I had to simply click on the link in that document which requested access to the SCL. I had access within moments. Once I attached it and enabled it I was downloading packages.

Some how I was missing that document or article. I'm sure it's in the first one you noted, but I must have missed the reference

Thanks again! All is well in my universe again.