iSCSI Connection in Update 3.3 to 3.4

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Hello Guys

I have the following environment

3 Host with RHEV 3.3
1 Host with RHEV-M 6.5
1 Storage Equallogic

In version 3.3 was not supported multipath and the connection was made through a network bonding iSCSI and support only 1 path . The version 3.4 supports multipath for Equallogic Storage.

The information in Release Notes indicates:

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager introduces a new sub tab called iSCSI Multipathing under the Data Center tab that enables the creation and management of
groups of logical networks and iSCSI storage connections for iSCSI multipathing. Such groups are known as iSCSI bonds. When an iSCSI bond is configured, the engine attempts
to connect each host to each bonded target via all NICs/VLANs related to logical networks of the same iSCSI bond.

I have a doubt with update:

As I have bonding with 2 NIC for iSCSI on a network called iSCSI-EQL, to migrate to 3.4 is necessary to reconfigure the Bonding or only must add a parameter in multipath because I could not find more information on how to configure bonding with multipath in RHEV-M.

If anyone has more information on this new utility in RHEV 3.4 how to configure multipath with bonding to work with 2 path will be invaluable assistance with this information as I need to migrate my RHEV 3.4 but I do not have any problem with my Storage and will lose the connection of Storage post update.

Thank You




Hi Sebastian,

Could you share with us what resolved this issue for you?