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Hi guys,

this is not a technical question per say. I just didn't know where to pose it. My apology in advance

I am thinking of working towards becoming an RHCA. Is it really worth the effort, time and money?

I will really appreciate any input on this.

Thanks always




I definitely think it is worth working towards it over time, but it will cost you a fair amount if you don't have an employer/sponsor paying for you.

The only issue I found was the specialist courses not running in my location. Unfortunately the specialist exams/courses rarely make enough numbers to run in my region, and I personally don't like traveling for that type of exam (prefer to have access to my lab at night). Having said that, I have managed to complete most of the courses/exams over time (years) as they have made the numbers.

The course components for RHCA have changed dramatically in the last 6 or so months (eg. EX318 is now included, EX333, EX423, EX429 have been dropped) so there is plenty of new content to get into.

If you haven't already, definitely complete the RHCE exam, I think it is the most recognised in industry. If you do achieve RHCA make sure you spell out in your resume that it is "Red Hat Certified Architect" as it is unfortunately often confused with RHCSA.

Thank you very much for the reply.