How to configure Vlan for VMs on rhev-m

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Hi there,

First of all, I'm using:

Rhev Linux server 6.5
Rhev Manager 3.4.3-1.2.el6ev
Rhev Hypervisor 6.5

I'm trying to configure Vlans on rhev manager for my VMs. I've created a new network called vm_net, and i've configured it with vlan ID. After I created it, Hypervisor lost connectivity with the manager (Of course, I did'nt configure Vlan tagging on rhev-h yet). When I tryied to configure vlan tagging on Hypervisor's admin screen, network tab, the interface appear like "managed" and I can't modify anything.

1) Can you please tell me which is the correct way to accomplish this target?
2) Is there any way to unregister Hypervisor from manager without reinstalling it?

Thanks for advanced!


Hi Fernando

The reason all interfaces appears 'managed' is because you already registered your Rhev-H with the manager. When that is done you should configure the rest of your interfaces using the rhev-m.

What I have done with all our RHEV-H is to configure one single NIC right after RHEV-H installation. I didn't configure any bonds even though we have designed for bonding (mode=1). The Bonding setup I finish in the RHEV-M. Not on the RHEV-H.
When configuring one single nic on the RHEV-H configuration, it automatically creates the rhevm network. A network you cannot rename, as I understand it.
When that is done I have nothing more to do on the RHEV-H. The rest of the Network setup is done through the RHEV-M

The rhevm network needs to be configured with a static IP. I don't think you can use trunk for the rhevm network since it needs a static ip. I think you should use an access port.

But I am a little bit confused if you are trying to use the same NICs for the vm_net as is used for the rhevm network.
Is the vm_net logical Network attached to same NICs at the rhevm network ??

Thanks you, Stig. But, how can I unregister a hypervisor? Can I do that whitout reinstalling all the hypervisor? I already removed the host in the manager but the hypervisor still appears as Connected/Managed.

To my knowledge, there's no way of un-register a RHEV-H from the RHEV-M. Not saying there is one. I just haven't been able to find it. Last time I found that option kind of useful, I ended up re-installing the RHEV-H.
If it's nothing more than a couple of hosts, my opinion is that it's no big deal, since it take around 10 min. pr. hosts.
And I do like a clean install without messing up on the way.

I did find that some information about which RHEV-M the host is managed by in the file /etc/default/ovirt but there might be more.
Haven't tried to edit the file (remove the rhevm-m info) yet but I have a few host more to install so I will check.
However I'm not sure we're talkin' Red Hat supported solutions any longer. I doubt that.

I'll do a few tests next week and let you know my findings.

Hi Fernando

Sorry for the late reply - have been pretty busy lately. Worse still I lost my test server due to HW failure. Now the server is up running again and I have been spending a few days testing.

You have removed the RHEV-H from the RHEV-M, and everything in RHEV-M is fine. However, it is not the case with the RHEV-H as it still “thinks” that it is managed by the RHEV-M and all NICs still appear as "Managed"; meaning you won't be able to configure anything here.

Since you don’t want to re-install the RHEV-H, the alternative will be to “un-register” it. This, however, have to been done in the Unsupported Rescue Shell (hit F2 followed by Enter in the RHEV-H GUI).

Here is what I’ve done in my test:

I edited the file /etc/default/ovirt on the RHEV-H as follows:
1. Un-register RHEV-H

Delete the entire line that contains the following:
MANAGED_BY="oVirt Engine https://name-of-your-rhev-m:443"

Delete all lines starting with OVIRT_MANAGEMENT_

The RHEV-M name will then disappear from the "Management Server" line in the RHEV-H GUI in the configuration named "Ovirt Engine".

Changing the NICs from Managed to Unconfigured was a bit af a hassle.
1. Change the NICs from “Managed” to “Unmanaged” by deleting the following line:

(x is of course your own ip configuration)

Now remove all bonds in file /sys/class/net/bonding_masters
In /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ I found two files route-rhevm and a rules-rhevm. Cleared both files.

Now exit the Unsupported Rescue Shell using CTRL+D. You should now have returned to the RHEV-H GUI.
Now you will see that all your NICs is unconfigured.
Marked a NIC and configured it with appropiate IP, mask and gateway.

When done saving the bonds disappeared so I was left with only NICs un-configured except the one I just configured.

Then rebooted the server which never came up because it (once again) lost the Raid Controller :-)
So I think I'm done testing and will spend my time with IBM support :-)

The conclusion or my opinion is:
It was fun to play around a little but the main problem, as I see it, is not the un-register part. It's how to get your NICs configurable again.
I would without doubt and recommend that you go for a re-installation which is fast and pretty simple.

We use bond with VLAN for RHEVM network. Works fine for over a year now. As I recall we had to first make single port VLAN interface and then bond it in RHEV-m console.