Satellite 6 with Multiple Subscriptions

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I have several subscriptions with RH that were purchased separately and therefore have differing contract ID. In an effort to simplify management, I added all of these contracts to an activation key so I would have a 'pool' of available subscriptions. However, when I register a new host, it ends up consuming 1 subscription from each contract. Is this the intended behavior? Do I have to create duplicated activation keys for each contract or can I pool them together and I'm just missing some aspect.

Any help would be great!



Hi Gary,

It is best you discuss this issue with your local Red Hat sales department or your local Red Hat reseller.
It is possible to transfer subscriptions to a single Red Hat account, if the subscriptions are all for the same customer.
If they belong to different customers, you need their approval to do the transfer.

Kind regards,

Jan Gerrit Kootstra

Thanks Jan. They're all under the same account, but have different contract IDs, and some of them expire at different times than others. I've been trying to get these contracts combined but am really trying to figure out the best practice for handling them in the mean time. Creating a lot of activation keys whose only variation is the attached subscription doesn't seem like the right way to go about it.


I have the same problem. I was not an issue on Satellite 5. I have tried with several activation keys, but its not the way forward.
Did you find an solution..

Claus Hedegaard

Unfortunately, no solution yet. When I speak with our sales rep, they say that support can do this and when I speak with support they say it can't be done. It might be a matter of getting the right support person though. I've decided to just wait until my current contracts are up and combine them at that time.

Hopefully you'll have better luck.