RHEV support with RHEL7

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Please suggest whether RHEL7 supports RHEV-M & RHEV-H(Hypervisor). I have read that RHEV 3.5 will support with RHEL7.
1. Does RHEL7 Hypervisors & Rhev 3.5 are released? and are compatible with RHEL7 OS?
2. Does RHEV 3.4 will support RHEL7?

Thanks in advance


  1. Installation of RHEV-M 3.5 on RHEL 7 will not be supported. RHEL 7 will be supported as a hypervisor. I can't answer whether there will be a RHEL 7 based RHEV-H build available when 3.5 is released.

  2. RHEV-M 3.4 can not be installed on RHEL 7. RHEV 3.4 does allow the use of RHEL 7 hypervisors, but please note that this feature is classified as Technology Preview.