Backup RHEL 6/7 Before Applying Patches

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Hi guys,

how will you perform a backup of your RHEL6 OR RHEL7 before you apply patches? Are there any native utilities to use to perform a any kind of backup to revert to incase patching messes up the functionality of the system?

Thanks guys


Any help with these guys?


Hi Arrey - there are a number of suggestions that people could provide. It really depends on how you want to approach the matter.

You can rely on:
* Satellite (or RHN) Profile [ Red Hat Satellite Rollback]
* Volume Snapshots [ Red Hat Volume Snapshots]
* yum history [ Red Hat Yum rollback]

So - it's difficult to point you in any single direction as it depends on your own input.

As far as backup/archive solutions: Acronis, Netbackup, Clonezilla all offer a Bare Metal backup/restore option.