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I would like to ask, is there an official RHEL 7 based Docker host available? In Docker terminology: I mean the "bootfs" and the kernel, i.e. a RHEL 7 with the bare minimum content.
For example, the host layer used in boot2docker (Docker solution for Mac and Windows) uses a ~23 MB host layer.

As I understand "Project Atomic" (www.projectatomic.io) has the goal to create this RHEL host. It's homepage tells "It is designed to run applications in Docker containers. Hosts based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora are available now. Hosts based on CentOS will be available soon."

Though, I cannot find a downloadable RHEL host image from there. Fedora does exist.

Thank you!

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Hi Laszlo,

You can find the RHEL-based host images here: https://access.redhat.com/search/browse/docker-images#?. See also the Docker FAQ.

Hi Robert,

Thank you!
Unfortunately, these are base images.
I would be interested in the host side "bootfs+kernel", that runs on the host (which may be bare metal or a VM). For example CoreOS is such a host side, thin OS solution to support Linux containers. I would be interested in a similar, host side thin RHEL layer.

Thank you!

Hi Laszlo,

Apologies, I should've read your question more carefully.

There is a RHEL 7 based Atomic host image (both qcow2 and ISO) available as a part of the HTB program: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host HTB.

Hi Robert,

No problem, thank you for the fast response!
Unfortunately, it seems I do not have access to the HTB program related SW yet. But I am working on it ;)

Thank you again!

A public beta of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Atomic Host has now been released. See the official announcement and the download page.

Great! Thank you! I really appreciate you remembered my question!