Managing Compiled Applications with Systemd

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Hi guys,

in RHEL6, when you compile an application , you can put the start up script in /etc/init.d and symlink it to desired runlevel.

How is this done in RHEL7 ? How can I have a custom startup script managed by systemd?



There are multiple ways to accomplish this. If you already have an init script for your application, systemd will allow you to use it -- it is backwards compatible with SysV init scripts, which makes it possible for you to just add your script to the desired rcX.d/ directory in /etc, and systemd will treat it as its own service unit.

Or you can write your own service file for systemd.

See the following resources for more information about systemd:

Thanks Robert. The RHEL7 admin guide does not explain how to accomplish what I am asking. I know I can use init scripts to start and stop the services. But I specifically wanted to use systemd.

Thanks always

Hi Arrey, does this solution help at all?

How to convert init scripts to systemd units files

We also have a more streamlined version that does not discuss init files:

How to make custom script that runs automatically during boot up in RHEL7?


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