What is RedHat Satallite?

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Hi guys,

what is Red Hat Satallite used for ?



Patch Management, Subscription Management, Configuation Management, and Provisioning. You can set up a full application lifecycle if you wish using Satellite.

Hi Arrey,

https://www.redhat.com/en/technologies/linux-platforms/satellite tells you the detailed stories.

The way I use it and work and at home: patch deployment and server installations.

You can create kickstart profiles that make it easier to make installation profiles.

I do not use configuration file management with Satellite for at work we are setting up a standalone Puppet master, instead of the integrated puppet of Satellite 6.

These are a few of the functions that are available.
Note: Puppet is not a part of RH Satellite 5.6. It only comes with RH Satellite 6.x.

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Jan Gerrit Kootstra

This is the Red Hat Satellite product page on the Customer Portal with alot of information and resources: https://access.redhat.com/products/red-hat-satellite/

Hey Arrey - I think a very simplified view of Satellite (version 5.x) for folks that have not used Satellite before, but are familiar with RHN, think of Satellite as your own RHN portal, onsite.

  • Some of us need Satellite because our hosts cannot simply reach out to the Internet to pull down patches/updates
  • Or.. we don't want several thousand hosts reaching out to the RHN to pull down literally the same file(s) thousands of times
  • we need to have a centralized location to manage configuration data
  • portal to push packages to our hosts
  • a convenient way to keep an inventory of the current state of each host compared to the packages available

I don't know what the magic number is for hosts to exceed when I recommend Satellite - but if you have numerous hosts are looking for a supported/mature product to maintain those hosts, Satellite is the Solution.

You have a few options available to check it out:
request a Satellite Demo from your Red Hat sales rep (you may even get them to demo the product)
check out Spacewalk (which is the upstream product for Satellite 5)

Red Hat has put a tremendous amount of work and resources in to the most recent version of Satellite - 6 - which is amazingly feature-rich with all the functionality it provides and software environments it coordinates (patch management, repository management, orchestration, configuration management).

Thanks for all the helpful information guys. Very much appreciated.

Also see this Arrey:
That discussion has a lot of info on the latest edition of Red Hat Satellite 6, links to some good resources in that discussion. I included slides from the 2014 Red Hat Summit on Satellite 6, and some other things.