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How do I control the resource name given to eap instance
For example
JON 3.2.0 is showing as :
EAP ( RHQ Server

All my other servers are just showing :
EAP ($IP:9990)

Which parameter do i need to set in eap to control this naming convention and add a instance name

I do not want to edit all my instance names.

For jboss 4xxx this was controlled i think with the run -c $INSTANCE option


The value that appears in the parentheses is taken from the management interface host and port found in the configuration file or defined using the command-line.

Expressions used in the configuration file are expected to be in the form ${var}. I believe your issue is that you are using $IP as the management host name instead of ${IP}.

I checked out the source code, and discovered no instance or server-name are included, only jboss type, host and port.

The reason why we want the server-instance name included is that we have up to 25 jboss instances running on the same host on the test environment.

If you are using a JBoss EAP 6 domain, the host controller's name will be used beginning with the management plug-in included with JBoss ON 3.3 expected out this quarter. This issue was reported and captured in Red Hat Knowledgebase Solution: EAP management plug-in for JON does not use host controller's configuration name as part of newly discovered host controller resource name.

For standalone servers, it does not appear that there is a naming attribute available. You should probably capture a case asking for a feature request in JBoss EAP and its management plug-in if standalone is what you are using.

It's for standalone, thx for the info