cleanup after patch on jboss 6.2 & 6.3 eap

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Is there any method to clean up the unused libraries/files after a patch is applied and verified as OK.


Peter - the JBoss EAP patching mechanism relies on the original files for the purposes of rollback. Deleting the unused libraries and other files would result in the rollback functionality failing.

For details of how files are replaced when a patch is applied, see "About Patching Mechanisms" [1].

Do you have specific concerns about leaving the unused files in place - security or disk space?


The main reason is diskspace, on our test environment we have multiple instances on the same host.
A clean EAP 6.2 is about 140 mb in size.
A 6.2.4 patched clean EAP 6.2 is over 400 mb in size.
We are aware of the impossible rollback.

There is the /core-service=patching:ageout-history", which should remove patches that are not in use from the history.
But it means you still keep GA jars + latest CP jars. Only beneficial if you have multiple CPs installed.

There is an open bugzilla on this


Thats the solution

Thx alot