/var/crash sizing

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I can not find any guidelines for how to size /var/crash filesystem. Also what should be the size of swap area for multi TB systems ?

Could anybody share the experience or point me to the correct documentation ?




Hi Marek,

Sizing of /var/crash depends very much on the options you set for crashkernel. There are a number of compression options available and they are documented in the Deployment Guide.

You will need to profile the system in question and analyse which data you want to capture.

There is further guidance in Solution 6038 - dumptargets on how to judge that for your environment.

Sizing of swap depends again on how you configure your servers. It is very possible to run terabyte sized machines with swapping disabled, but these systems are usually configured for specific database loads. We have general guidance in the form of Solution 15244 that discusses swap sizes suitable for most workloads.

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