reposync'ing (or pulp syncing) RHEL7 repos on RHEL6 hosts.

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How can this be done? Can I subscribe a RHEL6 host to RHEL7 repos?
I am actually able to sync the RHEL7 OS repo through pulp on a RHEL6 host, picking up the files from the CDN.
Other repos, for example the extras repo, won't work for some reason.


I'm really guessing here. So, I apologize in advance if I am nowhere near the mark.

What are you using for the repo url (or repo file)?
I assume you are hitting an issue with url as it most likely contains $releasever and $basearch, etc...

Can you provide some additional detail of how you are attempting the sync?

In my environment, my Satellite is running RHEL 5 and I have setup a number of external repos spanning several versions.
I had to hard code the URLs and rename the repo itself. (i.e. if there was originally a repo named dell-om for both EL5 and EL6, I had to create a dell-om-el5 and dell-om-el6 repo and then hardcode the release.

I'm using the correct url's, for example for the extras repo.
I am sure this is correct, because I registered a RHEL7 machine with subscription-manager last week and copied the entitlement certificate to the pulp server, and configured pulp to use those for the RHEL7 extras, supplementary and optional repos.

This works, but it doesn't make much sense to me why the OS repo works with a certificate created on RHEL6 while the other repos require a certificate created on (or maybe rather registered as?) RHEL7.