RHEL 6.5 boot on SAN : no more booting

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One of my serveur is no more booting, it is stuck at the grub stage and is throwing this error message :

Trying to allocate 1005 poages for VMLINUZ
[LINUX-EFI, setup=0x1040, size=0x3ecab0]
no free pages available
Error 27: Unrecognized command

Has someone already such error ?

My server was able to boot before, hardware is Hitachi CB520X1, in BIOS boot is set as UEFI.


Are you able to boot from a previous kernel by selecting an older one at boot time?

I suspect that a kernel update was performed and the dracut did not include the necessary HBA drivers (or settings).

Please note: the discussion forum is volunteer people. This sounds like an important issue and as such I would recommend opening a case with Red Hat. (There should be little to no risk trying to boot from an alternate kernel though).

Hello, I haven't done any kernel update since the install. I will investigate the missing drivers. (but was able to boot several times before.

Have tried here in case is was some easy / well known issue.

I have a case opened with Hitachi, they have the lead on that point. If no solution, I will open a case.

Any luck with the case on this one yet? Please let us know if you've been able to resolve the problem.

Yes, I had to edit the UEFI config to fix the issue. Unfortunately poorly documented by Hitachi and for the fun is also firmware dependant, so if you have such problem ask Hitachi for the required parameters.
It is affecting SMP blades with more than 1TB of RAM.

I had to replace another chassis, even with the correct config was unable to boot.
On the replacement one, the blades were able to boot without problems.

Thanks. Glad you got it fixed.