Ruby still at 1.8.7

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Installed Ruby for a dev today and noticed the Red Hat supplied version is still 1.8.7, which is archaic and no longer supported.

Any insight into how to trigger Red Hat to get the lead out and offer a newer version?

Thank you.


If you're asking about Ruby 1.8.7, you're probably referring to RHEL 6. Good news - Red Hat now makes newer versions of Ruby (both 1.9.3 and 2.0) available for RHEL 6 and 7 via a new packaging mechanism called Red Hat Software Collections (aka RHSCL) which are part of RHEL subscriptions. RHSCL install along side the original Ruby in RHEL so as to not create any contention issues. Read more about them here:

FYI - there's also a new version in beta:

I should have mentioned that RHSCL are updated roughly annually to keep up with the upstream, but we wait for the upstream versions to get stable before we add them. RHSCL are supported and most (including Ruby) have a 3 year lifecycle.

Great, thanks for the heads up! I'll certainly look into it ...