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Hi group,

This is just some before and after pictures of the font settings modified with Tweak Tool in rhel 7 to resolve some kerning issues with the default font selections in rhel 7. I wanted to upload some examples but could not as a reply post so I started this thread.

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The screenshots are very helpful. The next step should be to get images which compare text in 7.0 to text in 6.5. There are people here who earn a living by staring at Linux text all day. Is it really only two of us who are concerned?

Seems odd, right? Well, with the Tweak Tool the problem is pretty much solved. Now I wonder when we'll get the Gnome 3 update to the new current version. Fedora gets in with Fedora 21. Hopefully this issue is also resolved in that release.

I'm one of those who stare at a Linux workstation all day for a living. I've not noticed it before, but possibly due to the fact that I always set my fonts smaller than the default.

I'm not at my RHEL 6 workstation at the moment, but I think I use 10pt for everything except fixed width, which I set to 8 or 9. My setup runs over a pretty thin analogue VGA cable (not allowed to change) to a nice 24" 1600x1200 monitor, so the VGA connection does some "built-in" antialiasing for me.

My RHEL 7 laptop was already set to 8pt for monospace and 10pt for everything else. The biggest change I notice with text is when changing the Hinting to something other than Medium. Medium seems perfect to me - with all the other options looking off whack. Maybe that's just my eyes though.

From the examples given, there's a clear problem.


Further testing shows if I keep the original font in tweak tool and just completely remove the "hinting" setting the default font looks just fine at its default 11pt size.