How to update a single package in a Satellite Clone?

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With the recent event regarding bash, we obviously need to update the bash package in our environment.

I currently still have hosts subscribed to the "default" Red Hat parent channels and then I have hosts subscribed to clones which were taken weeks 25 and 37 of this year.

My questions are:
* aside from manually adding the bash package to my legacy clones (via the WebUI), what are my options for updating my clones?
* What are some of the risks of introducing a single package update to a point in time clone with an older date?



May or not be much help but I would use the same approach, in regards to manually adding the bash package to your legacy clones (and did for Heartbleed).

Manage Software Channels -> Packages -> Add

The only risk I would see is causing broken dependencies for the package being added to the cloned (older) channel as it won't have access to other newer packages. For a package like bash that doesn't have dependencies I don't see this an issue.

Conversely, all packages that depend on the bash package should define their requirements as 'newer than x.y' so shouldn't have an issue with a newer version than the required version being made available (especially with such a minor version/revision bump).

The only real risk left I can think of is potential regression in the bash package itself, which is a minor risk you take when patching any system.

Do you have a specific concern?

Site slowness causing dupes. Please delete.

Site slowness causing dupes. Please delete.

No specific concerns - just trying to be somewhat diligent ;-)

and I am hoping to find an easier/cleaner way to deploy "out-of-cycle" updates to my clones. Currently I only have 4 clones to manage.. but I anticipate that I will have 24 to 48 at some point. (4 per year, 3 or 4 years worth, 2 or 3 OSes covered)

thanks for the response.