5u11 Client vs Workstation

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Trying to download released 5u11 from rhn.redhat.com, all that I'm offered is Client. We have only Workstation licenses, so can't attach to a Client. For 5u10 and lower, Workstation bits are offered. A bug in the Portal perhaps?


A title on the download page says Workstation, but all the bits offered are Client.

I'd suggest giving Customer Service a call, they are specialists in RHN accounts and entitlements. For the phone menu, note CS is a separate department to Technical Support.

Thanks for the report, Alistair. We'll investigate.

Thanks for the quick replies. Called CS, they bounced me to Tech Support. TS thought Client bits for a WS license was expected, I pushed back on that, since 5u10 and lower worked as I expected. They opened a support case for me. I think TS is a bit insulated from what it takes to license a system out in the real world.

TS thought Client bits for a WS license was expected

This is true. The RHEL5 Workstation channel is a child of the RHEL5 Client channel. The x86_64 channels are:

You must have the Client parent channel, which provides you the base desktop operating system, then the Workstation channel which provides you only the extra bits which Workstation entitlement grants (compilers, devel packages, etc).

So the total install process is:

  • Download Client ISO
  • Install Client
  • Subscribe system
  • Add Workstation channel
  • Install required Workstation components

Looking at your support case and account, the entitlements you have do provide access to both the Client and Workstation channnels. I will add an internal note to the case to assist your case owner.

TS was able to resolve this by using remote access. Turns out the Classic registration method worked fine, whereas multiple attempts to use Subscription Manager didn't. No problems were found with the account or license, so likely a bug somewhere between SM and 5u11.

Got it. Thanks for letting us know what resolved it. Anything else we can help out with?