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Will Satellite 6 run on a RedHat 7 system as its OS. And as a NOOB where is the best place to start this process.
We bought 6 and a machine to run RH 7 and I was hoping to reduce the angle of attack from something less than 90 degrees on this project.

Bob Teeter


Yes, you can install and run Satellite 6 on RHEL7. You can start at

Hey Bob - Great question. The "getting started guide" describes the process using RHEL 6.5.

However you can find the "Satellite 6.0 Installer for RHEL 7" here:

They just GA'd Satellite 6 last week. Be sure to give them feedback!

Just to let you know the .iso file above is NOT complete. I tried to install from it and it BLEW up missing the ruby items that it needed. Thanks for the info. But I was able to use the repositories from RedHat to install the product.


I've got Satellite 6 running on RHEL 7 while we investigate it and plot a transition course. I don't think the documentation was particularly clear on the support of RHEL 7. I think it says "RHEL 6.5 or later". Having followed the Foreman & Katello development over the past year, there wasn't clear support for RHEL 7 until very recently. Foreman has only just supported RHEL 7 and Katello is due to release RHEL 7 support any day now.

It works though - could possibly do with some clarification in the Docs.



Hi Bob and Duncan,

I'm one of the docs writers for Satellite 6. Thanks for the feedback. We've noted the requirement and we're working on updating the details regarding the support of RHEL 7 and the new content will be available in the next release version.


Thanks for the update, Megan