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I am trying to install Openshift enterprise edition in a VM.I have created a VM with RHEL 6.5.I have registered the subscription-manager with my Redhat login & i got 90 days trial version of Openshift Enterprise.I have done all the DNS, LDAP , node & Broker configurations.When i start running the installation, i am getting the following error .

OpenShift: Command failed: yum install openshift-origin-cartridge-cron openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-recommended-jbosseap openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-recommended-jbossews openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-recommended-nodejs openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-recommended-perl openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-recommended-php openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-recommended-python openshift-origin-cartridge-dependencies-recommended-ruby openshift-origin-cartridge-diy openshift-origin-cartridge-haproxy openshift-origin-cartridge-jbosseap openshift-origin-cartridge-jbossews openshift-origin-cartridge-jenkins openshift-origin-cartridge-jenkins-client openshift-origin-cartridge-mongodb openshift-origin-cartridge-mysql openshift-origin-cartridge-nodejs openshift-origin-cartridge-perl openshift-origin-cartridge-php openshift-origin-cartridge-postgresql openshift-origin-cartridge-python openshift-origin-cartridge-ruby
OpenShift: Please ensure relevant repos/subscriptions are configured.
OpenShift: Aborting Installation.

Install step 'install' FAILED for:
* localhost (
Please examine /tmp/openshift-deploy.log on localhost to troubleshoot.

It is safe to run this deployment again after problem resolution.

All tasks completed.
oo-install exited; removing temporary assets.

****** (Refer the Attachment)

And also i tried to attach the required RPM files through redhat login by attaching a subscription Link but it displaying as 'No available subscriptions found.' (Please Refer the attachment).

Please help me to resolve this issue.


Yum is failing to install cartridges to you node, you will want to examine /tmp/openshift-deploy.log for more information on why yum has failed to install the determined packages.

For more information on how to install / handle cartridge with OpenShift please see and as the tips in these articles may help you install the needed cartridges to your node.

  • Note: if you abandon oo-install at this point, and install cartridges by hand, you will have to complete the remaining parts of the OpenShift Deployment Guide to complete the installation.