GFS and Powerpath ?

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thanks for helping with this.

When configuring GFS, is it ok to use Powerpath? Is there any downside to using Powerpath over Device Mapper Multipathing? in RHEL6?

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Hi Arrey,

we have some guidance on using Powerpath with qdisk here; Support for an EMC PowerPath-Managed LUN Used as a Quorum Device on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

I can't find clear guidance on GFS over Powerpath in general however.

Can you supply a little more information about your deployment please (or planned deployment) and I will ask one of the engineers here to explain the risks.

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Thank you for the reply Mark. We have two physical servers, each with two HBA . There are 10 LUNS total coming from vnx san. we would like the two servers to share the LUNS. Our intention is to cluster the servers with RHEL HA add on using GFS2. Since each LUN has four paths going back, we will like to use multipath. So I was wondering if it is OK to use Powerpath to set up multipathing . Are there any gotchas to be aware of ? Any benefits of using Powerpath over DM-Multipath?

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It doesn't really matter to the FS what multipathing solution you use. As far as drawbacks for powerpath vs dm multipath, powerpath can be more convoluted and cause some issues during kernel updates, as it isn't a Red Hat product so sometimes it breaks during update, however it's entirely up to user preference. Just note that any issue directly related to powerpath will be supported by EMC, not by Red Hat.

Thanks Cole. Very helpful explanation . Much appreciated.