Issue loading GUI on boot

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Hello everyone,

It looks like RHEL 7 has added quite a few changes, so I am sure there have been lots of questions asked this past year. My current issue is that I cannot get GUI access with my installation. I have used the systemctl commands to set "" as the default, but I have not had any luck. Below are the system specs and environment:

RHEL 7 (Virtual Machine)
ESXi v5.5.0, 1892794

I'm pretty sure I have all the packages installed through yum, and I have also installed VMware Tools. I have tried to run "startx" from CLI, but it loads then quickly shuts down. Please let me know if you need any output from the CLI that you may need.

Many thanks,
Steve Wojciechowski



you can try instead of startx to init 5 and you can collect more information from /var/log/Xorg.0.log