adding nr_uarts=20 kernel parameter - HOWTO?

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I have two PCI-800H byterunner 8 port serial interfaces.
They work on my old RedHat 9.0 system.
I have upgraded to RHEL6.5 which seems to be just fine, but
I have not found out how to configure the ports to 20 so the
16 ports on the serial cards can work. (No ttyS? beyond 4.
I need 4-19.

Several references I have found recommend the nr_uarts kopt
in menu.lst in /boot/grub. There is no KOPT= line in my file.
Where do I go to move ahead?


Kernel options are added to the line starting with "kernel " in /boot/grub/grub.conf. You will see the other kernel options there.

Generally two options for modifying kernel-loaded module behavior/options:
* Set an option on the "kernel" line of the grub.conf
* Add appropriate definitions to a config file created in /etc/modprobe.d

If you need it earlier in the boot sequence (i.e. in the intramfs), appropriate entries in /etc/dracut.conf can also help.