Rhel 7 boot iso fails to install from local repo

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Hi there!

We want to save bandwidth using a local rhel7 repo.

After installing a server and subscribing, I created a local repo of rhel-7-server-rpms using reposync following the guide at https://access.redhat.com/site/solutions/23016 like this:

mkdir -p /var/www/html/repo
reposync -l --repoid=rhel-7-server-rpms --download_path=/var/www/html/repo
cd /var/www/html/repo
createrepo -v /var/www/html/repo

I got httpd up and I can access everything using http requests from another computer.

I start a VM with a boot iso, configure the repo, but got an empty "Software Selection"

The logs says the group file is missing. So I cannot continue with installation.

Then I copied the comps.xml from the rhel7 DVD, regenerated repo with:

createrepo -v -g comps-Server.x86_64.xml /var/www/html/repo

And then I finally got the expected result, at "Software Selection" I got to choose the "Base Environment" and "Add-ons for selected environment"

Is this the correct procedure? Or is this an Anaconda error?




I understood that you followed the steps below.

mkdir -p /var/www/html/repo
reposync -l --repoid=rhel-7-server-rpms --download_path=/var/www/html/repo
cd /var/www/html/repo
createrepo -v /var/www/html/repo

  1. You created a directory /var/www/html/repo
  2. Then you synced the base channel of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 in your local directory, all packages were downloaded.
  3. You took control of that directory and entered into the same.
  4. You recreated the repository data.

In Step 4, you actually created a repository data which is why the problem started here. You didn't create the group information/environment information of the packages but simply the package information was added into the repodata.

So as a workaround you took the file comps-Server.x86_64.xml which was used as a source by you and then you created group information which made the TRICK!!!

Actually while doing installations, anaconda uses the package group information, not the packages only. We install packages by selecting/deselecting from a particular group. So this is really mandatory to have package group information in the repository.

I am 100% sure, if you would have done a kickstart installation, that would have failed as well as in kickstart too, we mention the groups as follows.


If the group information is not there, how can anaconda install them? :)

Hope this clarifies your problem! And yes, you are doing it right!

Thanks for the response.
You are right, a kickstart wont work without package groups information.

So, if there is any change in the comps-Server.x86_64.xml (some change in package groups) I should download a new rhel7 dvd and copy just that file?

I am extremely sorry, I forgot to reply back to you on this thread, I though I replied, but somehow missed it.

So, if there is any change in the comps-Server.x86_64.xml (some change in package groups) I should download a new rhel7 dvd and copy just that file?

Don't make any change, just use it from the downloaded ISO and copy that file or use it for your createrepo. That will be the best way to go with that.