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Introducing Red Hat Access Labs!

Andrew Hecox published on 2014-03-19T13:32:12+00:00, last updated 2014-03-21T15:45:25+00:00

We are thrilled to announce Red Hat Access Labs!

Red Hat Access Labs is a new way for Red Hat engineers to deliver tools to help improve performance, quickly troubleshoot issues, identify security problems, or assist with any other issue we see our customers experiencing in their IT environments.

Go to the Access Labs landing page to check out the five applications we've launched so far. Here's the inaugural group:

We built Access Labs on OpenShift Enterprise. With OpenShift, we can focus on delivering useful applications and ensure our release cadence is days or even hours.

We will add more applications as we get feedback on what's useful to you, our customers. Every tool has a corresponding landing page where you can leave feedback (look for the "Go to info page" links). You can also leave comments here on this blog. Let us know improvements you'd like to see in the tools or new tools you'd like to use (or even existing tools you'd like to see hosted). Get updates on new labs applications via the RSS feed or by logging in and clicking the Follow button.


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