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Log Analyzer moves to React

Samuel Mendenhall published on 2014-06-05T13:03:40+00:00, last updated 2014-11-20T23:08:26+00:00

The latest release of Log Analyzer on June 3rd includes a major internal rewrite to the React library by Facebook. The rewrite to React opened up a great deal interaction between UI components that wasn't previously elegant to implement.

Let's take a look at some of the more significant changes.

Main Log Analyzer page

  • Now when you navigate to Log Analyzer there is a Quick Start section and a demo video

VDSM (Virtualized Server and Desktop Management) - NEW!

  • Log Analyzer now supports VDSM logs, the visualizations and view is very similar to what you'd see for log4j or syslog output.

Apache Access

  • Greatly improved support and output for Apache access logs
  • Time series across status to track the status counts over time
  • Revamped UI to show more relevant data
  • Enhanced log entries table
  • Colored statuses


  • All fields now filterable


  • Time series severity counts now at the top of the view
  • The Recommendations are now specific to the current filters selected or the top error/warn messages
  • Duplicate solutions now removed from recommendations


Specific references to JBoss have been removed and now generally fall under the guise of log4j output. This means any log4j output conforming to the current std log4j output will parse, this includes RHEVM logs and others.

  • Re-organized UI, time series now at the top
  • Slider added to show between 1 and 20 of the top counts, defaults to 5

- Added many tooltips to the UI for extra help
- Added the top percentage in each section that a particular field is seen

There have been many more various tweaks here and there so I would encourage you to explore more. The cohesion of interacting with the data has been greatly improved. Happy parsing!


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