RHEL Versions Utilized by RHEL CoreOS and OpenShift Container Platform version

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OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) 4.x includes a fully managed node operating system, Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS, commonly referred to as RHCOS. The cluster updates RHCOS when applying cluster updates, including sometimes updating between RHEL minor releases. This document details the underlying RHEL minor versions present in currently supported versions of OCP.

RHCOS/OCP Versions RHEL Versions
4.6 RHEL 8.2
4.7.0-4.7.23 RHEL 8.3
4.7.24+ RHEL 8.4
4.8 RHEL 8.4
4.9 RHEL 8.4
4.10 RHEL 8.4
4.11 RHEL 8.6

At the time of build, each OCP z-stream consumes the latest available content from the respective RHEL / RHEL EUS channels.