Certified OpenShift CNI Plug-ins

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The Container Network Interface (CNI) badge is a specialization within Red Hat OpenShift certification available to networking products that integrate with OpenShift using a CNI plug-in.

To be eligible for this badge, the CNI plug-in must be deployed and managed through an Operator. Partners must complete the corresponding Operator certification as well as pass several end-to-end tests.

Once the certification is approved, the Operator will be published in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog. The certified Operator will also be listed in the OperatorHub section of the OpenShift web console in OpenShift. Partners will receive a logo to promote their product as a CNI plug-in certified for Red Hat OpenShift.

This document contains the list of 3rd party CNI plug-ins that have been certified by Red Hat for use with OpenShift Container Platform.

NOTE: Currently, OpenShift Service Mesh will only work with the OVN Kubernetes, OpenShiftSDN and Calico CNI plugins. We are working to enable other 3rd-party plugins in the future.

3rd Party CNI Plugins

Partner Product Version Installer Type OpenShift Version
Cisco ACI 5.02 OSP 13 UPI 4.4
Cisco ACI 5.1.1 OSP 13 UPI 4.5
Cisco ACI 5.1.1 vSphere UPI 4.5
Cisco ACI 5.1.3, 5.2 OSP 13 UPI 4.6
Cisco ACI 5.2 OSP 16.1 UPI 4.6
Isovalent Cilium 1.9.5 UPI and IPI 4.5, 4.6, 4.7
Tigera Calico 3.12 UPI 4.2
Tigera Calico 3.14 UPI 4.3
Tigera Calico 3.15 UPI 4.4
Tigera Calico 3.16 UPI 4.5
VMware NCP 3.0.2 w/NSX-T3.x+ UPI 4.4


Hi Antonios, I have a customer asking about Calico support for 4.6+. The table doesn't show this. Can you provide an update on when we could expect certification for these releases?