RHUI 3 Takes Over in AWS, Bringing New DNS Data

Updated -

Version 2 of the rh-amazon-rhui-client RPM package contains Yum repository files with mirrorlist entries of the following format:


At the same time, the /etc/yum.repos.d/rhui-load-balancers.conf file is part of this package, initially containing the following two CDS host names:


Note: the second part (between the first and second dot) depends on the AWS region the instance is in; the host names above were taken from US East (N. Virginia).

With the transition to RHUI 3, new host names and IP addresses are used. If you have firewall rules, proxy settings etc. that worked with the original RHUI 2 host names or their original IP addresses, you are likely affected, and will need to change these rules or settings to allow the new host names or IP addresses. Note that:

  • The old host names still exist, but they translate into different IP addresses now.
  • Yum may still use either RHUI 2 CDS host name when determining RHUI mirror lists, but the final base URL is now: rhui3.region.aws.ce.redhat.com, where region is again the AWS region the instance is in.

See IP Addresses of RHUI 3 and 2 Servers in AWS for information about the new RHUI 3 and 2 IP addresses.

The /etc/yum.repos.d/rhui-load-balancers.conf file is automatically updated with the new, RHUI 3, host name if it still contained the old, RHUI 2, host names. This file is removed (or rather, backed up with the .rpmsave extension) when you update the rh-amazon-rhui-clientpackage to version 3. This version already works with the RHUI 3 host names, and this file is no longer needed because server-side load balancing is used instead.