Red Hat OpenShift Serverless Supported Configurations

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Each Red Hat OpenShift Serverless release is tested on a variety of configurations that are fully supported by Red Hat.

Red Hat provides both production and development support for the following configurations and tested integrations, according to your subscription agreement in both physical (on-premise) and virtual / cloud environments.

Tested Integrations are a defined set of tested configurations and interface points between technologies. that represent the most common combinations that Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) customers use or deploy together.

Red Hat exercises a range of platform tests for these tested integrations as part of the product release process. Issues identified as part of this testing process are highlighted in the Release Notes for Red Hat OpenShift Serverless.

Red Hat OpenShift Serverless 1.x Supported Configurations


Modules available through OpenShift Serverless operator.

Component Version Status
Knative Serving 0.13.2 General Availability
Knative Eventing 0.13.2 Technology Preview
Knative Client 0.13.2 General Availability

Event Sources

Event Sources are Kubernetes Custom Resources which provide a mechanism for registering interest in a class of events from a particular software system.

Event Sources Event Source Version Status
Apache Kafka 0.13.2 Developer Preview
Apache Camel-K 0.13.2 Developer Preview
ApiServer 0.13.2 Technology Preview
Ping Source 0.13.2 Technology Preview

Red Hat OpenShift Serverless 1.x Tested Integrations and Platforms

Serverless Version Platform Versions Status
1.7.0 OCP 4.3 TESTED
1.7.0 OCP 4.4 TESTED

Serverless Version Integration Product Version Status
1.7.0 AMQ Streams 1.4.0 TESTED
1.7.0 Apache Camel-K 1.0.0-RC2 TESTED
1.7.0 OpenShift Pipelines 0.10.7 TESTED

Cloud Providers / Infrastructure

Cloud Providers / Infrastructure Status
Bare metal TESTED
Amazon Web Services (AWS) TESTED
Microsoft Azure TESTED
Google Compute (GCP) TESTED
Openstack TESTED
VMWare vSphere TESTED