Introducing Discovery as a Reporting Tool

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What is Discovery?

The product Discovery tool, also known as Discovery, is an inspection and reporting tool. It is designed to find, identify, and report environment data, or facts, such as the number of physical and virtual systems on a network, their operating systems, and other configuration data. In addition, it is designed to find, identify, and report more detailed facts for some versions of key Red Hat packages and products for the IT resources in that network.

Find more information in the Official Documentation.

Is Discovery right for me?

The product discovery tool is intended to help you find and understand your Red Hat product inventory, including unknown product usage across complex networks. The reports generated by discovery are best understood through your partnership with a Red Hat Solution Architect (SA) or Technical Account Manager (TAM) or through the analysis and assistance supplied by the Subscription Education and Awareness Program (SEAP).

What is the Scope of Support for Discovery?

Discovery is not meant to be running as mission critical service. It is provided as a reporting tool and any issue is considered to be low severity as per Red Hat Support Severity Level Definitions

Bugs with data collection can be addressed through normal support tickets here.

How to I get assistance?

Discovery is meant to be use under the guidance of your Red Hat account partner, for any question and support please contact your Red Hat Solution Architect (SA) or Technical Account Manager (TAM).

What subscription(s) provides the Discovery tool?

The Discovery containers are provided through