Is my Intel Cascade Lake SP CPU supported by Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

Updated -


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 or later
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 or later
  • Intel Purley Platform System
  • Intel Cascade Lake SP CPU


  • I've updated the CPU in my Purley Server Platform system to Cascade Lake SP. Am I supported?
  • Does my Purley Server Platform system running RHEL 7.X support the new Cascade Lake SP CPU?
  • Does RHEL 7.3 and higher or 6.9 and higher support my new Cascade Lake SP CPU?


The Cascade Lake SP CPU, per Intel, is a drop-in compatible CPU for Purley platform systems. Red Hat has only tested Cascade Lake SP CPUs to work with RHEL 7 releases starting with Update 6. Prior releases of RHEL 7 from Update 3 through Update 5 which support running on Skylake SP are not supported for running on Cascade Lake SP.

Support for Cascade Lake SP CPUs in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 will not be available. Users with Purley Platform systems and Skylake SP CPUs looking to install to Cascade Lake SP CPUs will need to evaluate upgrading to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Update 6 where Cascade Lake SP support is available.