Tectonic Enters Maintenance Support

Updated -

Following the acquisition of CoreOS by Red Hat, support for Tectonic is being moved into Maintenance mode. The definition of this phase (below) is aligned with other Red Hat Products, however, it has been tailored for the Tectonic product.

By moving Tectonic to Maintenance mode, we are focusing on converging Tectonic with OpenShift (for OpenShift 4.0). This includes automated, over-the-air updates for the full stack and Red Hat CoreOS operating system (the evolution of Container Linux Operating System from CoreOS).

Maintenance Phase (Definition)

During the Maintenance Support Phase, qualified Critical and Important Security Fixes and Urgent Priority Bug Fixes may be released as they become available. Other errata advisories may be delivered as appropriate.

Minor releases will also include all available and qualified errata. Minor releases are cumulative and thus include the contents of previously released minor releases and errata advisories, including those from Full Support Phase. The focus for minor releases during this phase lies on resolving urgent- or high-priority bugs, as well as Security related fixes of a critical and important nature.

Key Tectonic Lifecycle Dates

Date Event
January 30, 2018 Red Hat Aquisition of CoreOS
May 21, 2018 Tectonic 1.9 GA
November 26, 2018 Maintance Phase Declaration
August 30, 2019 Tectonic 1.9 End of Life (EOL)