Scope of Support for Ansible Components included with Red Hat Satellite 6

Updated -

As of Satellite 6.4, Ansible Automation is included with Satellite.

This capability of Satellite and included Ansible technology enables the execution of playbooks for the purposes of remote execution and desired state management. It is not intended to be in lieu of a valid Ansible subscription for support of your automation environment.

Satellite 6.4+ has the capability to import Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) System Roles, which were introduced in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4.
RHEL System Roles are a collection of Ansible Roles and modules that can be used within Satellite to standardize configuration of your Red Hat Enterprise Linux Environment.

Adding Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Roles is covered in Chapter 4 of the Administering Red Hat Satellite Guide.

For more detail about System Roles refer to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) System Roles article on this topic.

While Satellite will also be able to import Ansible roles from other locations, such as Ansible Galaxy, additional Ansible roles and playbooks are not supported through your Satellite or Smart Management subscription.

  • Red Hat support will support RHEL system roles used inside of Satellite.
  • Red Hat support will not support any other roles or playbooks unless you also have a valid Ansible subscription.
  • Red Hat support will not support running roles/playbook on non Red Hat distributions from Red Hat Satellite server.

Also, note that for the purposes of customer-created Ansible playbooks, for support purposes these playbooks would fall under the definition of a scripting framework (see link below), and while Red Hat support will assist in the usage and syntax of commands within the framework, we will not debug the playbook itself or author a playbook on behalf of a customer. Red Hat Consulting services may be engaged to meet this need.

For more information, refer to How does Red Hat support scripting frameworks as well as the Scope of Coverage section of the Red Hat Ansible Engine Life Cycle