Support Policies for RHEL High Availability Clusters - Management of containers in a cluster

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Applicable Environments

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 or 7 with the High Availability Add-On

Useful References and Guides


This guide offers Red Hat's policies and requirements around managing containers with a RHEL High Availability cluster. Users of RHEL High Availability clusters should adhere to these policies in order to be eligible for support from Red Hat with the appropriate product support subscriptions.


ocf:heartbeat:docker: Red Hat supports managing docker containers using the docker resource agent for High Availability, under the following conditions:

  • Red Hat's support for the docker package, the container being managed, and other pieces of this stack are subject to applicable policies and requirements in those areas. See: Red Hat Container Support Policy

  • Red Hat's support for the docker resource-agent for RHEL High Availability is targeted at those supported conditions for the docker package, the container, etc. If using the docker resource-agent in conjunction with an otherwise unsupported-by-Red Hat configuration, the agent may not function as expected, and Red Hat may be unable to assist with concerns regarding the operation of the resource-agent.

  • The docker package is not available or supported in RHEL 6, so the docker resource-agent is unsupported in RHEL 6.

pacemaker bundles: Red Hat offers container bundle functionality in pacemaker and pcs as of RHEL 7 Update 4 releases of these packages - this feature is not available in RHEL 6. These bundle features are provided as a Technology Preview, and are thus not supported or recommended for production usage.

There is one exception to this feature being Technology Preview: Red Hat fully supports the usage of pacemaker bundles for Red Hat Openstack Platform (RHOSP) deployments, as of RHEL 7 Update 4. This is the only use case in which the typical Technology Preview support-restrictions do not apply - with any High Availability deployment that is not managing RHOSP, the bundle feature is technology preview and unsupported. For conditions and guidance in using bundles for RHOSP, please see the RHOSP product documentation.

If you use this bundle feature and have any feedback or would like to report unexpected behavior to Red Hat, please contact Red Hat Support. This feedback may be accepted by Red Hat for consideration in future development of these features, however Red Hat offers no guarantees or SLA on addressing the input provided - except in the RHOSP situation noted above.