Red Hat AMQ 7 Component Details Page

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The components of AMQ 7 are based on the following upstream project releases:

AMQ 7 Broker

Broker Product Version Upstream Community Project Version
AMQ 7.0 Apache ActiveMQ Artemis 2.0.0
AMQ 7.1 Apache ActiveMQ Artemis 2.4.0
AMQ 7.2 Apache ActiveMQ Artemis 2.6.1
AMQ 7.3 Apache ActiveMQ Artemis 2.7.0
AMQ 7.4 Apache ActiveMQ Artemis 2.9.0
AMQ 7.5 Apache ActiveMQ Artemis 2.10.0
AMQ 7.6 Apache ActiveMQ Artemis 2.12.0

AMQ 7 Interconnect

Interconnect Product Version Uprestream Community Version
AMQ Interconnect 1.0.0 Apache Qpid Dispatch Router0.8.0
AMQ Interconnect 1.1.0 Apache Qpid Dispatch Router 1.0.0
AMQ Interconnect 1.2.0 Apache Qpid Dispatch Router 1.2.0
AMQ Interconnect 1.3.0 Apache Qpid Dispatch Router 1.5.0
AMQ Interconnect 1.4.0 Apache Qpid Dispatch Router 1.7.0
AMQ Interconnect 1.5.0 Apache Qpid Dispatch Router 1.8.0
AMQ Interconnect 1.6.0 Apache Qpid Dispatch Router 1.9.0
AMQ Interconnect 1.7.0 Apache Qpid Dispatch Router 1.10.0

AMQ Clients

Clients Group Product Version Client Upstream Community Version
AMQ Clients 1.1 AMQP-JMS Apache QPID JMS 0.21.0
AMQP C++ (reactive API) Apache QPID Proton C 0.16.0
AMQP C++ (legacy API Apacge QPID Messaging C++ 1.35.0
AMQP Python Apache QPID Proton C 0.16.0
AMQP JavaScript RHEA Project
AMQ Clients 2.0 AMQP-JMS Apache QPID JMS 0.31.0
AMQP C++ (reactive API) Apache QPID Proton C 0.22.0
AMQP Python Apache QPID Proton 0.22.0
AMQP JacaScript RHEA 0.2.9
RUBY Apache QPID Proton 0.22.0
AMQ Clients 2.2 AMQP-JMS Apache QPID JMS 0.37.0
AMQP C++ (reactive API) Apache QPID Proton C 0.26.0
AMQP Python Apache QPID Proton 0.26.0
AMQP JavaScript RHEA 0.3.1
RUBY Apache QPID Proton 0.26.0
AMQ Clients 2.3 AMQP-JMS Apache QPID JMS 0.40.0
AMQP C++ (reactive API) Apache QPID Proton C 0.27.0
AMQP Python Apache QPID Proton 0.27.0
AMQP JavaScript RHEA 0.3.9
RUBY Apache QPID Proton 0.27.0
AMQ Clients 2.4 AMQP-JMS Apache QPID JMS 0.42.0
AMQP C++ (reactive API) Apache QPID Proton C 0.28.0
AMQP Python Apache QPID Proton 0.28.0
AMQP JavaScript RHEA 1.0.7
RUBY Apache QPID Proton 0.28.0
AMQ Clients 2.5 AMQP-JMS Apache QPID JMS 0.45.0
AMQP C++ (reactive API) Apache QPID Proton C 0.29.0
AMQP Python Apache QPID Proton 0.29.0
AMQP JavaScript RHEA 1.0.8
RUBY Apache QPID Proton 0.29.0

AMQ Backward Compatibility Clients

The below clients are supported for backward compatibility to AMQ 6.3.

Client Version Upstream Community Version
CMS 3.9.0[1] Apache ActiveMQ CMS 3.9.0
NMS 1.7.1[1] Apache ActiveMQ NMS 1.7.1
AMQ ActiveMQ 6 OpenWire Client Apache ActiveMQ 5.11.0

[1] Binaries for these clients are not provided. Commercially reasonable support is provided to subscribers that compile these clients for their target platforms.

AMQ Streams

AMQ Streams version Upstream Kafka Version Upstream Strimzi Version
AMQ Streams 1.0 Apache Kafka 2.0.0 Strimzi 0.8.1
AMQ Streams 1.1 Apache Kafka 2.1.1 Strimzi 0.11.1
AMQ Streams 1.2 Apache Kafka 2.2.1 Strimzi 0.12.1
AMQ Streams 1.3 Apache Kafka 2.3.0 Strimzi 0.14.0
AMQ Streams 1.4 Apache Kafka 2.4.0 Strimzi 0.17.0

AMQ Online

AMQ Online version Component Versions
1.0 enMasse 0.26
Red Hat AMQ Interconnect 1.2
Red Hat AMQ Broker 7.2
1.1 enMasse 0.28
Red Hat AMQ Interconnect 1.4
Red Hat AMQ Broker 7.2.4
1.2 enMasse 0.29
Red Hat AMQ Interconnect 1.4
Red Hat AMQ Broker 7.2.4
1.3 enMasse 0.30
Red Hat AMQ Interconnect 1.5
Red Hat AMQ Broker 7.5.0


On what specific OpenShift versions is AMQ 7.x supported?

According to the Supported Configuration, its 3.11 and newer.

What about the patch levels of AMQ 7 Broker? for example is AMQ 7.4.3 based on Apache ActiveMQ Artemis 2.9.0 ? ( I can see in the logs that it is 2.9.0-redhat-00010, does that mean is 2.10 ?)