What Red Hat products provide support for Open vSwitch?

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Open vSwitch (OVS) is an open-source, multi-layer software switch designed to be used as a virtual switch in virtualized server environments.

Starting with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 and 7.0 (and all subsequent releases), the Open vSwitch kernel module is included as an enabler for Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, Red Hat Virtualization 4 and Red Hat OpenShift. Open vSwitch is only supported in conjunction with Red Hat products containing the accompanying user space packages. Without theses packages, Open vSwitch will not function and can not be used with other Red Hat Enterprise Linux variants.


Does this mean we cannot use openvswitch with RHEL 6.4

What i mean to ask is the list of user space utilities required for openvswitch to work in RHEL 6.4

RHEL 6.4 and later only provides the kernel support so that the guest can communicate in an environment where OVS is already configured. Currently, the user space tools to establish and configure OVS are only provided in RHEV or RHOS, as described above.

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Currently Red Hat do not provide userspace utility like openvswitch package in RHEV Hypervisor channel. Red Hat provides kernel module for ovs in RHEV.
But RHELOSP has openvswitch package.

so what is the best way to get ovs in RHEL6 and RHEL7

What is the best possible way to get the openvswitch working on RHEL 7.2 ?? Do i need to install RHEL 7.2 and then yum install openstack related pack and then install openvswitch using yum and try if it is working ??

What is the status of OVS support in RHOSP12?