Red Hat product availability on Red Hat Satellite 5 via Red Hat Network Classic or Red Hat Subscription Management

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Red Hat is currently in the process of transitioning how software is delivered to customers. Since its introduction in late 2000, Red Hat Network (RHN) has been Red Hat’s primary delivery vehicle for providing software and subscriptions to customers. Starting in 2011 Red Hat introduced a new software delivery method called Red Hat Subscription Management (RHSM) in the Red Hat Customer Portal. RHSM offers several advantages over RHN including improved performance and reliability, and therefore is the primary way that Red Hat is now providing software to customers.

In 2014 Red Hat announced the transition of Red Hat Network to Red Hat Subscription Management (see security advisory: RHSA-2014-1060) and is in the process of moving all current software distribution from RHN to RHSM. As part of this transition process, all new Red Hat software is published only to RHSM, and not RHN.

This has an impact on Red Hat Satellite customers using Satellite version 5.7 or earlier which communicates directly with RHN to obtain Red Hat software products. In order for software to be available in Red Hat Satellite 5.6 or 5.7, it has to first be published to RHN. In contrast, Red Hat Satellite 6.x and Satellite 5.8 (released in 2017) communicate directly with RHSM over Red Hat Content Delivery Network (CDN) to obtain Red Hat software products. This means that Red Hat Satellite customers who wish to access the latest version of various Red Hat software products going forward need to be using Satellite 6.x.

Red Hat does realize that there are a number of Satellite 5.x customers that need time to transition to Satellite 6.x and in the meantime also need access to the newest versions of other Red Hat products. In order to better meet their needs, Red Hat has been in the process of publishing certain Red Hat products back into RHN so that they are available to customers using Satellite v 5.7 or older (these products will not be available to Red Hat Network customers).

With the release of Satellite 5.8, Red Hat STRONGLY recommends that customers upgrade from 5.6 & 5.7 if they need more time before transition to Satelite 6.x. Satellite 5.8 has the ability to both register via Red Hat Subscription Manager (RHSM) and retrieve content from the Content Delivery Network (CDN). Satellite 5.8 introduces several new features, enhancements and programs, including the increased speed with channel install and content syncing, improved diagnostics of background tasks and jobs, updated support of Oracle DB and PostgreSQL, and offering extended lifecycle support beginning in 2019. Refer to "Important Changes Coming to Red Hat Satellite 5" for more information and important updates.

Below is the availability of the Red Hat Products to use with Satellite version:

Product Name Supported Satellite Version
Red Hat OpenStack 13 Satellite 5.8+ (5.8 & 6.x)
Red Hat Ansible Engine 2.4 Satellite 5.8+ (5.8 & 6.x)
Red Hat Ansible Engine 2.5 Satellite 5.8+ (5.8 & 6.x)
Red Hat Ansible Engine 2.6 Satellite 5.8+ (5.8 & 6.x)
Ceph Storage 3 Satellite 5.8+ (5.8 & 6.x)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta Satellite 5.x(5.6/5.7/5.8) & 6.x
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.10 Satellite 5.x(5.6/5.7/5.8) & 6.x
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 EUS Restricted Maintenance Oracle Java Satellite 5.x(5.6/5.7/5.8) & 6.x
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 EUS Satellite 5.x(5.6/5.7/5.8) & 6.x
JBoss EAP 5 for RHEL 5/6 Satellite 5.x(5.6/5.7/5.8) & 6.x
Openshift 3 Satellite 6.x
Atomic and Openshift containers Satellite 6.x

For Red Hat Satellite 5.8 please confirm you are using latest cdn-sync-mappings package which provides access to new products made available for Satellite 5.8. For any queries feel free to contact Red Hat technical support.

New Red Hat products will be evaluated on whether or not they will be published to RHN / made available to Satellite 5 customers. New products will always be published to RHSM and made available to Satellite 6.x customers.

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Hello, We are now one month later. I am currently working for an enterprise hit by this issue. Woul you please clarify when OSE3.1 would be available through RHN Satellite 5.7? Regards, Marc