Roles and Permissions for Red Hat Customer Portal

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Red Hat Customer Portal Roles and Permissions

Organization Administrator: This is the highest permission level with full access to content and features. This is the only role that can manage users and control their access and permissions on an account. An account may have multiple organization administrators.

Manage Support Cases: User can view, create, and update support cases from the Support Cases page.

Download Software and Updates: You can download software and updates from the Red Hat Customer Portal.

View/Renew Subscription Information: You can view account subscription and renewal information on the account.

Manage Your Subscriptions: You have access to subscription, utilization, and system information in Red Hat Subscription Management. There are three different levels for this permission:

  • View/Edit User’s Only: You can only view or edit systems that you have registered to the account.
  • View All: You can view all systems associated with the account, but you cannot make any changes. This role is typical of someone such as a purchasing agent. This must be set to prevent user from registering systems via subscription-manager.
  • View/Edit All: You can view and edit all systems and applications registered to the account.

Note: The Manage Your Subscription permissions only applies to access to Red Hat Subscription Management. Removing this permission from a user does not remove the levels of permissions as they apply to subscription-manager.

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