Can I get technical support using Bugzilla if I do not have a Red Hat support entitlement?

Updated -

Bugzilla is not an avenue for technical support.

Bugzilla is a development work tracking system. It is used to submit and review fully quantified source code defects that have been found in Red Hat software, and to track the progress of the repair, testing, and errata release.

If you submit a fully quantified source code defect, please first perform an Bugzilla Advanced Search against current product versions to ensure the defect has not been reported yet. If your quantified code bug is unique, please provide detailed information in your submission, including the defective source code and reproducer steps. Suggested patches are welcome. Defects will go directly to the engineer responsible for the component you filed the defect against.

Red Hat developers have many responsibilities and will get to defect reports in due time. Since Bugzilla is not a mechanism for obtaining technical support, there are no service level agreements on initial or ongoing response associated with bugs reported in Bugzilla.

If you do not have a quantified source code bug, then consider whether this is actually a "bug", or if it is a request for assistance and technical support.

If you require technical support, especially if you require an SLA on response time, Red Hat are glad to offer a variety of paid support entitlements providing various levels of issue ownership and initial/ongoing response time to suit your needs.

If you have an active support entitlement, please log in to Red Hat Customer Portal Support Cases and create a support case for assistance with your issue.

If you do not have a support entitlement and do not wish to buy one, you may still search on the Red Hat Customer Portal for knowledgebase solutions and product documentation. You may also connect with the Red Hat community to find technical answers through Red Hat Customer Portal Discussions.

If you are a Fedora Linux user and require assistance with Fedora, please review the Fedora Project's Communicating and getting Help wiki page.