How to Use Case Group Access Control Lists (ACLs)

Updated 2019-04-02T11:19:51+00:00

The Customer Portal provides you the ability to create groups which can aggregate your support cases. A group is like a folder, which means that each case is assigned to one group. Case groups manage cases across different countries, divisions, and/or technology teams.
In the default state, the Case Group ACL feature is disabled. In this state case groups become an organizational convenience that allow all users to manage groups and see cases in any groups. When the Case Group ACL feature is enabled, Organization Administrators can create and manage groups, and control access of each group and the cases it contains.

**NOTE: To enable the Case Group ACL feature contact your Technical Account Manager (TAM) or Red Hat Technical Support for more information.When the Case Group ACL feature is enabled, a default “Deny All” policy is applied to all case groups. You can apply the access permissions of your group as per the requirement.

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