Product Life Cycle of Red Hat Software Collections for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7


Each Software Collection will be supported for two or three years. Developer Collections are supported for 2 years. Production Collections are supported for 3 years.

New versions will become available as needed during the full 10 years Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 life.

Please see the Red Hat Software Collections Scope of Support for further details.

Releases and Support

Red Hat will support Software Collections for the Collection life cycle, after which customers are encouraged either to upgrade to a later release or continue on as self-supported without official Red Hat Support.

Software Collections Release Life Cycle

Support will be provided for the most current release of each collection. See the table below for the applicable retirement date for each collection.

Supported Collections (Unless otherwise indicated by the Retirement Date)

Collection Release Date Retirement Date Release x86_64 ppc64le ppc64 s390x aarch64
JDK Mission Control Mar 2019Jun 20243.2
HAProxy 1.8May 2018Jun 20243.1
PostgreSQL 10May 2018May 20243.1
Varnish Cache 6.0Nov 2018Jun 20243.2
MySQL 8.0Nov 2018Jun 20243.2
PHP 7.3Dec 2019Jun 20243.4
PostgreSQL 12Dec 2019Jun 20243.4
Maven 3.6Dec 2019Jun 20243.4
Apache httpd 2.4 updateOct 2017Jun 20243.0
Python 3.8May 2020Jun 20243.5
Perl 5.30May 2020Jun 20243.5
Git 2.27Dec 2020Jun 20243.6
Node.js 14Dec 2020Jun 20243.6
PostgreSQL 13Jun 2021Jun 20243.7
MariaDB 10.5Jun 2021Jun 20243.7
Ruby 3.0Jun 2021Jun 20243.7
Redis 6Dec 2021Jun 20243.8
Nginx 1.20Dec 2021Jun 20243.8
Red Hat Developer Toolset 12Nov 2022Jun 20243.8

Retired Collections (Unless otherwise indicated by the Retirement Date)

Collection Release Date Retirement Date Release x86_64 ppc64le ppc64 s390x aarch64
Node.js 12Dec 2019Apr 20223.4
Ruby 2.6Jun 2019May 20223.3
Redis 5Jun 2019Jun 20223.3
Python 2.7 Life ExtensionSep 2013Jul 20221.0
Nginx 1.4Jun 2014Oct 20141.1
MySQL 5.5Sep 2013Oct 20161.0
Node.js 0.10Sep 2013Oct 20161.0
Perl 5.16Sep 2013Oct 20161.0
PHP 5.4Sep 2013Oct 20161.0
PostgreSQL 9.2Sep 2013Oct 20161.0
Python 3.3Sep 2013Oct 20161.0
Ruby 1.9.3, including Ruby on Rails 3.2.8Sep 2013Oct 20161.0
MongoDB 2.4Jun 2014Oct 20161.1
PHP 5.5Jun 2014Oct 20161.1
Ruby 2.0Jun 2014Oct 20161.1
Ruby on Rails 4.0Jun 2014Oct 20161.1
Thermostat 1.xJun 2014Oct 20161.1
DevAssistant 0.9Oct 2014Oct 20161.2
Git 1.9Oct 2014Oct 20161.2
Maven 3.0Oct 2014Oct 20161.2
Nginx 1.6Oct 2014Oct 20161.2
Red Hat Developer Toolset 3Oct 2014Oct 20161.2
Red Hat Developer Toolset 4Nov 2015Nov 20172.1
MariaDB 10.0Apr 2015Apr 20182.0
MongoDB 2.6Apr 2015Apr 20182.0
MySQL 5.6Apr 2015Apr 20182.0
Passenger 4.0Apr 2015Apr 20182.0
Perl 5.20Apr 2015Apr 20182.0
PHP 5.6Apr 2015Apr 20182.0
PostgreSQL 9.4Apr 2015Apr 20182.0
Python 3.4Apr 2015Apr 20182.0
Ruby 2.2Apr 2015Apr 20182.0
Ruby on Rails 4.1Apr 2015Apr 20182.0
MongoDB 3.0 upgrade collectionMay 2016Apr 20182.2
Node.js 4May 2016May 20182.2
Nginx 1.8Nov 2015Nov 20182.1
Varnish Cache 4.0Nov 2015Nov 20182.1
Eclipse 4.6Nov 2016Nov 20182.3
Git 2.9Nov 2016Nov 20182.3
Red Hat Developer Toolset 6Nov 2016Nov 20182.3
Node.js 6Apr 2017Apr 20192.4
MariaDB 10.1May 2016May 20192.2
Maven 3.3May 2016May 20192.2
MongoDB 3.2May 2016May 20192.2
PostgreSQL 9.5May 2016May 20192.2
Python 3.5May 2016May 20192.2
Ruby 2.3May 2016May 20192.2
Ruby on Rails 4.2May 2016May 20192.2
Nginx 1.12Oct 2017Oct 20193.0
Node.js 8Oct 2017Oct 20193.0
PHP 7.1Oct 2017Oct 20193.0
Red Hat Developer Toolset 7Oct 2017Oct 20193.0
MySQL 5.7Nov 2016Nov 20192.3
Perl 5.24Nov 2016Nov 20192.3
PHP 7.0Nov 2016Nov 20192.3
Redis 3.2Nov 2016Nov 20192.3
Nginx 1.10Apr 2017Apr 20202.4
Ruby 2.4Apr 2017Apr 20202.4
Ruby on Rails 5.0Apr 2017Apr 20202.4
Scala 2.10Apr 2017Apr 20202.4
MariaDB 10.2Oct 2017Oct 20203.0
Maven 3.5Oct 2017Oct 20203.0
MongoDB 3.4Oct 2017Oct 20203.0
PostgreSQL 9.6Oct 2017Oct 20203.0
Python 3.6Oct 2017Oct 20203.0
Nginx 1.14Nov 2018Nov 20203.2
PHP 7.2Nov 2018Nov 20203.2
Red Hat Developer Toolset 8Nov 2018Nov 20203.2
Git 2.18Nov 2018May 20213.2
Node.js 10Nov 2018Apr 20213.2
MongoDB 3.6May 2018May 20213.1
Perl 5.26May 2018May 20213.1
Ruby 2.5May 2018May 20213.1
Varnish Cache 5.2May 2018May 20213.1
Nginx 1.16Dec 2019Dec 20213.4
Red Hat Developer Toolset 9Dec 2019Dec 20213.4
Nginx 1.18Dec 2020Nov 20223.6
Red Hat Developer Toolset 10Dec 2020Dec 20223.6
Ruby 2.7May 2020May 20233.5
Red Hat Developer Toolset 11Dec 2021Dec 20233.8
MariaDB 10.3Jun 2019Jun 20233.3

Dependent Collections (Not supported separately, only for depending collections)

Collection Release Date Retirement Date Release x86_64 ppc64le ppc64 s390x aarch64
V8 3.14Oct 2014Apr 20181.1
Common Java PackagesApr 2015Apr 20202.0