Red Hat OpenShift Data Science Life Cycle


This document applies to the current General Availability release of Red Hat OpenShift Data Science.

Red Hat provides a published product life cycle for Red Hat OpenShift Data Science in order for customers and partners to effectively plan, deploy, and support their applications running on the platform. Red Hat publishes this life cycle in order to provide as much transparency as possible and may make exceptions from these policies as conflicts may arise.

The life cycle of Red Hat OpenShift Data Science follows a release-driven approach where a single version is available and will be supported at any one time.

Red Hat OpenShift Data Science is available as an add-on to Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated and Red Hat Openshift Service on AWS and maintains a release schedule that is independent from other Red Hat products and services. More details about the OpenShift Data Science offering can be found in the Red Hat OpenShift Data Science Service Definition.

The Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated Life Cycle provides information on supported versions for Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated. During the Red Hat OpenShift Data Science limited availability period, the following OpenShift versions will be supported:

  • 4.10
  • 4.11

Upgrade Policy

The Red Hat OpenShift Data Science Add-on, and installed components, will be automatically updated to the latest version available, on all clusters.

This upgrade policy includes feature releases, as well as bug and security fix releases.

End of Life Policy

During the general availability period, Red Hat reserves the right to discontinue the service within one year advance notice. If the service is discontinued, Red Hat will persist customer data for 60 days after the service end date.